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Our Vision & You

Our mission is to revitalize the spirit of the Victory Garden Movement in Montana cities by promoting organic household vegetable gardening by sharing resources, techniques, and information throughout communities.

Sure, more than 100 volunteers contributed to the movement last year, creating 30 new garden patches and we've set a very tangible goal in every city--1,000 New Gardens. But that doesn't mean our mission is lacking in very important qualitative aspirations.

1) We spur a Local Agri-Culture by connecting people to...
-SEEDS through seed ordering, saving and exchange potlucks
-COOKING through harvest potlucks and garden fresh cooking workshops
-TOOLS through neighborhood tool libraries
-A MORE PARTICIPATORY SOIL CYCLE. We're extending the soil nutrient cycle so that it weds the social and scientific sides of soil improvement. Soil, "waste" from local animal farms, and new garden plots bring together a diverse collection of people on manure and dig days.
-LOCAL ORGANIZATIONS & INSTITUTIONS through their work sustaining existing programs (and expanding new ones) for public use.

2) We see a niche for 1KNG in every neighborhood. That's why we're hammering a replicable model into shape in which everyone--even people who don't have access to land to grow a garden--can make a difference!

1KNG Needs:
Passionate Volunteers
2)Master Gardeners & Horticulturalists
3)Garden-Friendly, Tech-Savvy People (web, brochures, publicity)
4)New Community Organizers who will help us plan events

New Vegetable Gardeners to connect to our burgeoning Landsharing Program

Household Owners willing to share land with new gardeners

More Community Groups to collaborate with

Local Farmers who don't use pesticides and are willing to donate manure

Volunteers in-action, reciting the 1,000 New Gardens Oath:

I, state your name, with my hand in the soil, pledge to cherish, protect, and heal the earth. to create a better world for all; to begin right now; to strengthen the feelings of self-reliance, community, and gardening; to inspire a new generation to use their green thumbs for better health, nutrition and community. We are one people, we have one common dream, we share one planet, we are responsible for the future. WE ARE GARDENERS!!!


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Comment by TK on March 27, 2010 at 6:20am
looking for the short season corn like they are using commercially in ND now. Seems perfect for Montana seasons. High production and they even harvest it in spring with good results (When the wet falls keep them out of the fields before freezeup).

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