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March 2010 Blog Posts (11)

What are you waiting for?

I just counted 16 tomato (yellow plum and salad) seeds that have sprouted in my window germination area. South facing, this window lets the sun in to gently warm the tomato starts. When June 1 rolls around, or thereabouts, I hope to have a good head start on the tomato season.

I will be starting some other stuff soon, but for the most part I like the idea of my garden plants starting in the soil they will grow from without any coddling. This is Montana, after all, and it is be tough,… Continue

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Green Bozemaniacs

Yowza! Welcome to all the Bozeman members! It's great to see you all out in force. May the Max be with you.

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A Hoppin' Time Soon at Missoula's PEAS Farm?

I know how super busy farms get, especially at this time of year. But I also know how many interns and energy radiates from the Program in Ecological Agriculture and Society (PEAS) Farm.…

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Be Vewy, Vewy Quiet

Every once in a while, I hear a comment or question about raising rabbits for food. People raise chickens with about the same amount of effort, so why not? Well, 1KNG isn't about critters so I have nothing to offer. But our friends over at the Permaculture Forums have a lot to say and, what's more, they have interesting discussions and are willing to talk and answer questions about growing just about anything. Look under "critter care" for topics about bunnies. The breadth and quality of… Continue

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Published in the first issue of Zone 4 Magazine, Spring 2009.

Rebroadcasted here with permission from the author, Susan Duncan.…


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Another kind of gardening

Today while hosting the 1KNG table at the UC, I had a great conversation with Kelly from the Montana Native Plant Society. You know, using native plants in your yard or around your garden will give you a distinctive look while helping preserve the stock of Montana's beautiful native plants. Check out their website and see what they have to offer. Yes, they can help you find seeds of native plants.


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Look Who Joined the Parade

Today I learned that Triscuit Crackers is supporting home farming (http://www.kraftbrands.com/homefarming/Pages/default.aspx). Now, I will admit, I enjoy Triscuits--all flavors--and while they are not exactly health food, they are made with fairly simple ingredients. They compliment just about anything you put on 'em. Anyway, the Triscuit cracker parent company is Kraft Foods, a major international industrial food… Continue

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Seed Luck Success!

What a fine turn out for the 2nd Annual SeedLuck event! Thanks to the fine folks at the UM FLATs project for hosting. And everyone who shared food with us all--outstanding! Breaking bread with my fellow campesinos is a warm and affirming thing to do! Thanks also, to Big Paul for sharing his knowledge and experience. We all have so much to learn--good thing we will be gardeners for life and will have enough time to get better and better at it. Finally, thanks to everyone who brought seeds to… Continue

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2010 Brochure

Hello Gardeners, if anyone is looking for a copy of the color tri-fold brochure... here it is. Feel free to print it out and hand it to everyone.
2010 Brochure.docx

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Get it quick! Last chance for the Seed Luck...

Don't tell me that sunshine isn't inspiring you to christen your shovels

or pull out your seed trays! Sure, we may have another snow yet to

come, but who says you can't get ready to sow now?? 1000 New Gardens is

hosting our annual Seed Luck this Saturday from 3-5 p.m. at the UM FLAT.

The guest list has grown quickly this week and we are pleased to offer

last minute accommodations for procrastinators, fence-sitters, and folks

looking for two hours of fun, food, and… Continue

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Something for the Monkey

Anyone who's interested in envisioning the future of urban ag:

This is the most enlightened conversation about redeveloping edible cities I've heard to date...topics run the gambit, but I found the most interesting to be those well-articulated "movement"-type discussions about our motivations and sort of holistic ponderings into what issues we should shine our biggest…

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